var martialis



Stelios Hadjithomas presents his debut EP release Var Martialis on June 1st 2017.

With Var Martialis, Hadjithomas explores the nature of poetics and pushes its boundaries, transforming prose and verse to voice, sound and noise, ignoring the inherent boundaries of paper.

Using the mind as a site, Stelios Hadjithomas delivers a sound installation which converses esoterically with the listener’s extant knowledge and fantasy. His debut digital release consists of his five-part – unpublished – poem Elon Musk Wants to Send Us to Mars performed by a speech synthesizer, and a bonus track. In a sharp tone, he gives ‘instructions’ to the Martian ‘spacewalkers’ and imagines a fictitious native plant as an ally of the future settlers.

The red planet has been a source of inspiration for many, and a subject of extensive research and argument in recent decades. Hadjithomas’s work asks us to imagine the way anthropomorphic technology would record our efforts to conquer a new frontier and ultimately succeed in inhabiting another planet.

While using the real and the staged interchangeably, his writing and style is influenced by the 20th century futurist movement, and cinematic, visual culture. Like Grotowski’s plays, or Tarkovsky’s films, his poetry is more intuitive than logical or linear, and attempts to present life as a dream, or a version of a dream: abstract, yet at the same time evocative and descriptive.

Var Martialis is now available for streaming and downloading on Bandcamp.